How to read Unicoded Indic content on this website

This website is encoded in Unicode (UTF-8). If you cannot read the following word मराठी, your system does not have an Indic Unicode font installed.

If you are using Windows 2000, you can enable Indic on your system by going to "Start > Settings > Control Panel > Regional Options > General > Language Settings for the System" and checking Indic.

If you are using Windows XP, you can read Unicoded Indian language content by enabling Indic on your system. To do this, go to "Start > Control Panel > Regional Options." On the Languages tab, check Intall files for complex scripts... The installation will require a reboot so remember to note down this site's URL.

For other Operating Systems, please refer to NCST/CDAC or Devanagari website. There are lots of other OpenType Devanagari Unicode fonts coming out every day. Check here for more extensive help on how to set up your machine to read (and write if you want) Unicode Devanagari.

Once the installation is complete, you can read Unicoded Devanagari content anywhere on the web without installing any fonts. Try reading the Marathi Wiki or Hindi Wiki website, or using the Marathi or Hindi interfaces of the Google search engine, for instance.


Fonts: Indic Devanagari Fonts, Devanagari OpenType Unicode Fonts
Document Format: UTF-8
Keyboard: Devanagari- PHONETIC. Keyboard tutor is available for Indic PHONETIC..
Microsoft: In Win2K/WinXP this technology is provided by default as Indic support. No additional font required. In MS Office XP or higher one can use Unicode Devanagari. Internet Explorer supports UTF-8 encoded pages to view Devanagari.

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